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but in the meantime!!!
Trying to loosen up from portfolio stuff and just have self-indulgent time.

Yiri (Squirrelcat-humanoid Alien species) and Lysandr (Reptilian-humanoid Alien species), They get stuck together on a mission to a weird planet (where they are both completely lost) and go on an adventure/have shenanigans and develop a very close relationship. 

Art blog rebagel!

kosen asked: Not a question or anything, just wanted to tell you that for your "Hello, stranger", Green lantern and "Like a Mother’s Day” comics, you got a new follower. Keep on like that! :_)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed those comics!


"I hope I’ll get to meet him again, one day"

"Hello Stranger" is a simple little 7 pg comic, I started during the earlier artstream. 
Mostly for practice before I started the BIG KAHUNA personal comic. But it became something more. 

For someone who was there to give me some light when I was fretting around in the dark. 

Sorry it’s so hard to read on tumblr!

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zebrafeets asked: HAY! Your art is cool. :)

Why, thank you, friend!


Cheated on Sketch Dailies and instead made a series of “Rebel Alien Alliance Leaders” based on some of the prompts:

"Jessica Rabbit"
"Billy The Kid"
"Joan of Arc"
"Robin Hood"

What if the story was:

"In the distant future, an imperialistic and destructive race of beings descends upon six sentient planets. The only hope left is an odd bunch of ragtag aliens with powerful weapons. 

They are deemed as intergalactic criminals for rising up against the invaders.

A human desk jockey at the galactic police station who has been watching too many old movies assigns them some ‘code names’ “


My Witchsona!
My Witchsona and her friends (◡‿◡✿)

gerugeon asked: Hi Isaia! I know this is not a question, but I just wanted to thank you for all your gorgeous work! A few years ago, when ATLA aired on TV, I created a site on Deviantart and one of the first drawings that I saw there was yours. I loved and still love all your art gallery. It is not just gorgeous, but I like how you convey your feelings, emotions and personal thoughts so well in each of your drawings. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and other people.

I’m sorry for the late response!
Where did this sweetness come from? These lovely flowers and memories!

I went on deviantart and found a lot of people I admire, and I’m glad I could be that for you. I’m really touched, Gerugeon, thank you!


"Seven Spirits" character concept sheet made a couple months back.

Still adjusting overall story concept, how the characters look like as spirits, and/or how many to use at all, in many ways. 

In other words, everything (TAT);;;


A “No, thank YOU!" comic

it’s surprising how despite its short run it managed to encompass a microcosm of how larger fandoms operated? with all its bad and good, flaws and all.

it’s so rushed haha im going to hurl myself into the sun 

goodbyeeeee friends here are my baby feelings over this cartoon